Symposiums have changed a little since Plato's time.   Attire remains smart casual and thedrinks are in constant supply, but participants get a little ribbon on their badge with the word 'Professor' on it

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"INTA is pleased to host the Second Annual Trademark Scholarship Symposium during the 133rd INTA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.. The Symposium will take place on Monday, May 16, 2011 as part of INTA’s Academic Day, which features a series of programs of particular relevance to professors and students interested in trademark law and practice.The Symposium is an opportunity for academic scholars from around the world (including full time and part time professors,上海商标局, graduates and post-graduate students) to participate in small group discussions of scholarly works-in-progress in the field of trademark law. In a workshop setting,注册商标的名字, each selected scholar will present his or her project, receive comments and have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with other academic scholars and accomplished trademark practitioners [The 'practitioners' bit is actually what most of us want.  We trade mark academics have endless opportunities to read and comment on each others' work -- but getting feedback from expert practitioners and brand owners isn't always so easy]. The Symposium will provide a unique opportunity for the presenters to further develop their scholarship project based upon the insights of peers and other trademark specialists [This year's Symposium really delivered what it promised, says the IPKat: full credit to its organisers and participants]. Participants in the Symposium will also be able to attend other INTA Academic Day programs, including an Academic Forum all-professor panel, a trademark professor luncheon featuring presentations by a panel of leading in-house trademark counsel,公司商标查询网站, a reception and other networking opportunities.The Symposium is organized by the INTA Professor Task Force:• David C. Berry, Professor of Law and Director, Graduate Program in Intellectual Property Law, Thomas M. Cooley Law School• Signe H. Naeve, Associate Director, Law, Technology & Arts Group, University of Washington School of Law• Barton Beebe, Professor of Law, New York University Law School• Megan M. Carpenter, Associate Professor of Law, Texas Wesleyan University School of Law• Susan Barbieri Montgomery, Executive Professor of Law and Business, Northeastern University School of Law• Antonio Selas, Professor of Law, Law School of Universidad Carlos III,注册商标有, Madrid Spain [Merpel wants to know why (i) there's only one European and non-one from the rest of the world and (ii) if the list is not alphabetical, the sole non-American is listed last.  Is this still the United States Trademark Association, she wonders?].

On or before January 1, 2011,图形商标查询, interested academic scholars should send an abstract (approximately 300 words) describing a current scholarship project for a paper on a topic in the field of trademark or unfair competition law, such as a matter of law, treaty, policy, proceeding or proposed reform, to Prof. David C. Berry at and Prof. Signe H. Naeve at The Task Force will then select a maximum of 12 projects to be presented at the Symposium, grouped into related topics or themes. Selections will be announced by February 1, 2011. For each selected project, a working draft of the paper to be presented must be submitted by April 1, 2011. Please direct any questions and requests for further information to Prof. Signe H. Naeve at Academic Day and Annual Meeting Registration Information: INTA offers a variety of discounted registration options for INTA professor and student members and non-member professors and students to attend the 2011 INTA Annual Meeting. For Annual Meeting registration information, please contact Carin Diep-Dixon at"

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